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The link “I am from LEHMAN BROTHERS” takes you to Webchutney’s career page. Webchutney is India’s leading Internet Interactive Agency. True to their character, what a creative way they have found to direct people to their career’s page. Now that’s innovative marketing!



Nothing serious this time. No marketing but just contextual advertising. I encountered this while reading my blog roll in google reader.

Background – The article is about GWB. Article from here. Do read the ad as well the content as well.


Guv'nor required



Hahahaha and oh! the fallibility of technology.


We started with customer relationship management and have now moved on to customer advocacy. And the Orkuts and the Facebooks of the world are smiling away. With blogging being contaminated everyday with posts intended to catch the consumers eye and companies recruiting bloggers to maintain their image in the e space, there’s an open battle field ready to explode. Customer activation aims at reaching the customer where they least expect, the web space seems to be a lucrative choice.

However, with fewer laws governing the dos and don’ts in this form of advertising, there is ample scope of sublimed advertisement. Agreed it would take consumers years to get saturated in this form of advertisement, but a degree of caution on the part of the advertisers would do good. Also, the advertisements need to innovate and intrigue the consumers. There is need of a better control over the webspace, lest another Dell should wake up to watch their brand equity get eroded on websites.

Lastly, like all offerings, India needs a customized form of web advertisement. If your product intended to reach a greater mass, think about where these masses would go. And blogs may not be the right answer. So maybe an i-Shakti or an e-Choupal is where your gold mine lies. Are the companies thinking?