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The boom in the Indian economy has surfaced a fresh buying hub – the Indian middle class. Still rooted in their traditional ways of shopping, gaining product knowledge and in their ways of life, these customers are surely not going to be wooed by the conventional marketing strategies. Spread across the country, these consumers would not converge to a single buying point. Nor would they be satisfied with the same products. Mass customization and customized service is the need of the day. Or the door is open; we’ve lot more guests waiting. J

One of the problems that companies face with mass customizing is the high cost to service at an individual level. Companies have however been proactive in identifying the group culture of Indians and launched rural programmes to influence group buying. For example, i-Shakti from HUL uses these groups to sell their products. Needless to say, the success has been phenomenal. I would consider more organized selling to be directed to established groups thus influencing buying behaviour and successfully knowing the needs of the particular segment. The products or services can then be customized to these needs.

Self help groups spread across the country are representative of this growing class of Indians. There is thus need of intermediaries which could provide a source of sustenance to these groups and provide companies avenues to increase their sales. Aggregation of small pools of customers would make customer relationship management possible and increase opportunities of growth for the companies.


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