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I must begin this post with a big L.O.L (actually laugh out loud). Why?

Answer these questions –

  1. “Feminity means pink, but why?”
  2. Why should marketers, especially in India, show women in advertisements of products like Geysers?

I do not fathom the connection and neither does my education enable me to understand the relationship.

So if I were a woman, imagine, and I want a flash drive, then –

  1. Marketer targets its products at me, by painting them “PINK” and suggesting it overtly.
  2. Don’t I know when I look for a pen-drive the essential benefits are functional I look only for “size” and “capacity” even though “I am a woman”?

“The SanDisk Cruzer Fleur is a sleek, feminine, cap-less USB Flash Drive designed specially for women of all ages.”

Truck load of inanity. Notice that the product is named FLEUR which means a flower. “Designed specially for women of all ages” – this is all beyond me. “Sleek, feminine” – Sleek is okay but feminine pen-drive.

I pray to lord “why, why?” Are they trying to show their marketing department is gender sensitive?

Boom-Baah-Bust. Meanwhile, amen !!!