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I am waking down the memory lane today.

I am a big fan of Apple ads and this particular “Think Different” ad campaign is my all time favorite.

Back in India, I really love Airtel ads. Both Airtel and Apple try to play on the emotional aspect and their ads just moves you and engages you in the TVC. But on a different note, I was going through my ad repository and found an uncanny resemblance of the following Airtel “Power of human expression” ad with the Apple “Think Different” ad.

Both have a black and white background. They are not promoting their product/service but are just talking about their positioning. Both are emotional in nature.

They may be similar, but what the heck, I just wanted these two ads to be posted on adMark. Both the ads are brilliant in their execution and are a visual delight.


P.S. In case you have missed out, do watch the Bharti’s (parent company of Airtel) Proud to be India ad campaign. Well its brilliant work from Airtel once again.



Bharti Enterprises (parent company of Airtel) unveiled its new identity on November 4. It was designed by JWT India. Bharti also presented its vision to become “India’s finest conglomerate” by 2020.

According to the official communique, the new logo is youthful and reflects Bharti’s multidimensional character and avenues for growth. The indigo stands for depth and the orange, for youthful passion and energy. The arrows stand for movement that extends beyond boundaries and symbolize swiftness, precision and accuracy.

The core values of Bharti’s refreshed brand are:

Empowering People – to do their best

Being Flexible – to adapt to the changing environment and evolving customer needs

Making it Happen – by striving to change the status quo, innovate and energize new ideas with a strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit,

Openness and transparency – with an innate desire to do good

Creating Positive Impact – with a desire to create a meaningful difference in society.

Bharti is diversifying into number of business. Besides being a leader in telecom business, Bharti has ventured into insurance, agricultural and food processing sector, communications (with Airtel Digital TV). Its JV with Walmart will bring retail stores to India as well. Bharti has also partnered with DelMonte to have presence in the FMCG sector as well!



Airtel DTH Launch Ad

Campaign by JWT India

One of the brilliant ad of the recent times.

When Big TV (Relaince) mocked Airtel’s teaser ad, I read this comment – “JWT India, Airtel Digital TV’s agency, mocked Big TV’s attempt. “I thought Big (TV) was big enough to have ideas of their own,” says Agnello Dias, chief creative officer at JWT. “If Big (TV) thinks that Airtel DTH’s launch depends solely on a red chair, they will be very surprised when the campaign breaks.”

I did not realize how true they were. This campaign has left Big TV gasping for breath. JWT has done a brilliant job with the campaign. The beauty of the campaign is that the celebrities are well integrated with the central idea and are not used as mere props or singing stars. The idea of ‘come home to the magic’ is nicely captured in the execution. The progressive reveal of stars works very well too. By the time AR Rahman comes with his tune, you have fallen in love with the ad. I have been watching the ad over and over again and to say the least I am in love with Airtel Ad.