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Nik had posted earlier about the idea of interstitials here, here is something interesting on the same lines.

Uptown Kitchen IS in the business of selling coffee. The idea is very interesting –

… based on fMRI research that showed caffeine stimulated areas of the brain associated with memory – from here.

It goes on to say about Uptown Kitchen …

While naturally they put their logo in the usual places around their establishment, they put it in a place well positioned to take advantage of any recall boost from caffeine: right inside the top of the cup, on both sides of the handle. Thus, whether you take a sip holding the cup with your right hand or left, you’ll see their logo. The outside of the cup was unadorned by advertising.

Interesting application of the effects of caffeine, memory, advertising and interstitials.

Also read.



Instructive, Eye catching, Makes you wonder what is going on.

I am referring to yesterday’s economic times issue. Sample some of the headlines on the front page below –

Page 1 Headlines

Did you see the date and the price of crude? Befuddled was I. I thought I was caught in a time warp. Then I turned the page and fell flat for these people’s creation. The next page presented below, for your surprise as well.

!!Damn Nice!!