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Airtel DTH Launch Ad

Campaign by JWT India

One of the brilliant ad of the recent times.

When Big TV (Relaince) mocked Airtel’s teaser ad, I read this comment – “JWT India, Airtel Digital TV’s agency, mocked Big TV’s attempt. “I thought Big (TV) was big enough to have ideas of their own,” says Agnello Dias, chief creative officer at JWT. “If Big (TV) thinks that Airtel DTH’s launch depends solely on a red chair, they will be very surprised when the campaign breaks.”

I did not realize how true they were. This campaign has left Big TV gasping for breath. JWT has done a brilliant job with the campaign. The beauty of the campaign is that the celebrities are well integrated with the central idea and are not used as mere props or singing stars. The idea of ‘come home to the magic’ is nicely captured in the execution. The progressive reveal of stars works very well too. By the time AR Rahman comes with his tune, you have fallen in love with the ad. I have been watching the ad over and over again and to say the least I am in love with Airtel Ad.



Chlormint Ad

By Mccann Erickson

Inspired by Egghead’s post on the 5th P of Marketing.

The Chlormint ad cracks me up. Besides being funny, the ad tells a true story. When you go to a panwaari you dont necessarily ask for a particular mint. You are fine with any mint that he gives you – and this ad takes this point into account and educates the consumers that why do you do that. Why dont you ask for a “particular” mint? You must ask for a mint that you like. The ad has a very strong concept and is brilliantly executed. Good job 🙂

Main ab apni pasand ki mint mangoga – mere par kisi panwaari ne ehsaan nahi kiya!