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Unlit filtered cigarettes
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Not withstanding the recent spate of advertisements on the hazards of smoking and the pixellated photos doing rounds on cigarette packs, this is what was overheard at a local panwari (Roadside shop) –

“They have destroyed the aesthetics of the packs” (Musing over the pack)

Talk about end user involvement and acceptance 🙂


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Inspiration is hard to come by these days with school life coming to an end. Anyways what a way to rev up those old engines. Want to know what customer service is – have a peek at this image


Customer service

Customer service


The big screens are all HD terminals with ads (I presume), however the story is in the comments. Seeing the busy area someone wants a low key lounge areas and bingo it exists and someone in the JetBlue organization scouts for such comments and lets the world (and the customer) know that the low key avatars also exist as well.

Well done JetBlue!

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Okay this is a time to take a break from regular shake-the-earth observations about marketing going on this earth.

Take a look at this which landed in my Google Reader – An article about a cricket in the Marketing and Media section of Livemint.


WTF, no seriously.

WTF, no seriously.


Anyways these days because of the enormous input of Marketing and Sales related “education” that my brain is always in a fix when all these things happen –

  1. Reading a line which says “brand new habit” (I am wondering brand – woohoo where is it and then I realise that is the normal english word)
  2. Whenever I see an advertisement, immediately the brain does some swift calculation on the TG, the creative brief, the storyboard and whether there will be recall or not.
  3. Ads inside toilets – immediately a voice shouts “interstitials”.

See each career has its own risks. Share in your risks and curiosities !!


“Marketing is not an art anymore… Its a science”
I can say that after ROMI.


And I thought CRM was pretty easy. But no the world conspires to prove it the other way round. Take Crossword, for example.

Promotion @ Crossword

They are running this great scheme, for movie buffs like me and many more. Three movies in this month all for free, I just have to flash my membership card (the site informs).

But, pooh, I don’t get informed about such great stuff. I get the regular round up of the books/CDs/DVDs arrived in the stores. What does it take to inform interested junta like me? Sample this –

Dear Bookrewards member,

Experience international movies on your bookrewards cards. How – Just flash it and get in the theatre and enjoy the experience.

<Give the link below>

Très simple, isn’t it?
Show your love for us, we agree, but give us the information also. Disappointed, you know why now.

The only bad thing with differentiation is that it presupposes homogeneity. Just ponder –

Otherwise of what use is mass differentiation. Everyone being unique is just another way of being “homogeneous”.