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I was/am in love with Orkut and never jumped onto the Facebook mania. But some time back, when Microsoft valued Facebook at $15 Billion, I became curious as to whats so special about Facebook. Then during my job interviews, people looked for ideas as to how to market their product on Facebook. Then it just struck me, that Facebook is not just a social networking website, its a phenomenon.

I googled for “Facebook Marketing” and landed up with a cool resource which was an eye opener as to the plethora of options available for marketing using Facebook. Facebook offers many ways to get the word out and bring the people in. Listed below are few means to get started:

I. Tools for Guerrilla Marketers

1. Profile Page
2. Groups
3. Pages
4. Events
5. Notes and Photos
6. Messages
7. Marketplace
8. Share / Posted Items
9. Networks
10. Mini Feed and News Feed

II. Tools for Advertisers

11. Social Ads
12. Integrated Opportunities
13. Beacon
14. Polls
15. Facebook Platform Ad Networks
16. Facebook Platform Application Sponsorships
17. Sponsored Facebook Groups

III. Tools for Application Developers

18. Profile Box
19. Mini Feed
20. News Feed
21. Invitations
22. Facebook Notifications
23. Email Notifications
24. Application Directory

To read more, check out this: The Facebook Marketing Bible

Orkut is also going the Facebook way by including things like status updates, adding applications, tagging etc. But has Facebook gained first mover advantage?



Using dhabas (roadside restaurants) as an advertising medium is nothing new for Indian brands. Companies such as PepsiCo or Coca-Cola have used them to increase brand visibility by installing branded umbrellas and other props. Dhabas have even been favourite spots for spreading social awareness, such as campaigns on HIV/AIDS.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Dabur, which is redesigning 150 dhabas on routes originating from Delhi, using Hajmola banners, umbrellas, tables, chairs and wall paintings. The customers are being served free Hajmola sachets along with their meals. However, for Dabur Hajmola, this is not just another exercise to gain visibility.

Hajmola is being re-positioned these days. Its being moved from JLT (Just Like That) category to Post-meal consumption category which is right now crowded with unhygienic and unbranded saufs/mishris. While this activity takes care of the unorganized sector, Dabur had recently tied up with Nirula’s (Delhi’s favourite pizza corner) and did free sampling.

Next on the cards is something I have been working on – introduce Hajmola as a post meal option in 5 star hotels. Wait and Watch! 😉



Airtel DTH Launch Ad

Campaign by JWT India

One of the brilliant ad of the recent times.

When Big TV (Relaince) mocked Airtel’s teaser ad, I read this comment – “JWT India, Airtel Digital TV’s agency, mocked Big TV’s attempt. “I thought Big (TV) was big enough to have ideas of their own,” says Agnello Dias, chief creative officer at JWT. “If Big (TV) thinks that Airtel DTH’s launch depends solely on a red chair, they will be very surprised when the campaign breaks.”

I did not realize how true they were. This campaign has left Big TV gasping for breath. JWT has done a brilliant job with the campaign. The beauty of the campaign is that the celebrities are well integrated with the central idea and are not used as mere props or singing stars. The idea of ‘come home to the magic’ is nicely captured in the execution. The progressive reveal of stars works very well too. By the time AR Rahman comes with his tune, you have fallen in love with the ad. I have been watching the ad over and over again and to say the least I am in love with Airtel Ad.


Okay, the confession must go first. I intended to do a lot of shopping for the upcoming storm gathering at our B-School (read as the tête-a-tête with the corporates). Fortuitously I found a big sale at the local Shoppers Stop. Now don’t ask me whether the Shoppers should have an apostrophe after the letter r. Coming to the point what is the relation between big sale times and loyalty cards ?

Usually the malls have this signature time when they announce upto X% off, and these are the times they experience a truck load of footfalls in their stores. When I went to Shoppers Stop I found indeed that was the case. There were lines of shirts and trousers on sale but alas the items, I guess, were those which were not moving off the shelves like hot pancakes. Anyway that is my own individual impression. At the billing counter there were serpentine queues with people lined up with their purchases as if they have been rewarded in a treasure hunt.

Big sale times are those when the average bill size per customer shoots up. My guesstimate would be by at least 10 – 15 %. Please note its a guesstimate.

So when such a customer comes to the counter with a larger-than-usual bill size, that is the time to push your loyalty cards. Wham-bam-done. There you go.

Imagine my bill is Rs. 5000. I would not mind paying Rs. 168 charge for a loyalty card during that time. My propensity to reject this offering is nil. Run the numbers – is it 3.36%. I would never mind this.

Pourquoi you ask – as they say 168 is a very small number compared to 5000 that I am spending. So my argument is push those loyalty cards in these big sale times. There is a caveat. Ask someone from the company to look at the loyalty card membership form and ask them to fill it. It takes a horrendous amount of time to look first and fill.

For a customer filling this form just ask their identity sources – the modern ones. Typically that would be name and e-mail. THAT’S IT.This way those standing behind the customer who is filling up this form would not fume.

Over subsequent e-mail elicit the other information that you want. And don’t just push the cards because you have to and don’t ask for mobile numbers (from younger people especially) just because they are prone to change.



PS – Yeah yeah you guessed it right – I got a card too 🙂 The name and e-mail ID has now become the usual practice for New Generation websites to sign up new users. Its comfortable and hassle free and you don’t need to fill in lots of details like “secret password question”, blaah blaah blooo bloo.