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If you are wondering what the title of this post means, I am here to make it simple for you. It stands for “Oh My God, I’m Gonna Puke”. Now coming to what it exactly is, it is a phrase used in Microsoft’s new online ad for Internet Explorer 8. Going on to their website, you may no longer find this ad, reason being many users found it to be “offensive”.

Confused? Should be. Actually, the ad tries to highlight one of the features of IE8 which is private browsing meaning there are no traces of your browising session left anywhere in the browsing history or elsewhere. The feature is somewhat similar to what is offered by Google Chrome in the form of “Incognito Window”.

But then whats so offensive about the ad is the meaningless and ugly, rather senseless way of showcasing it. The ad shows a husband and wife sitting on a table with the wife stirring probably a glass of milk and the husband working on his laptop. The husband then stands up and walks away for something when the wife takes permission to use his laptop.

All is well?

What happens next leads to something you may not want to know if you had your meal minutes before. The woman turns the laptop towards her and sees something that sort of disgusts her to such an extent that she pukes!

As if this was not enough, her husband returns and slips because of the slippery floor (slippery because of what the woman did!). In comes a man in the foreground asking “Do you suffer from O.M.G.I.G.P or Oh My God I’m Gonna Puke” and the background still has this woman repeatedly and periodically puking, this time, on her husband lying on the floor. The next 10 seconds of this commercial shows the man in the foreground describing the feature of private browsing in IE while the woman in the background continues to puke on her husband lying down on the floor.

The ad then features the tag line, Internet Explorer 8, Browser For The

A Microsoft spokeswoman claimed that while much of the feedback received for this ad was positive, some customers found it offensive so they’ve removed it.

Well, if you still want to see it, to which I think that you should re-think, here is that “offensive” ad for you. Watch it and tell me if it was “offensive”, if not then how did you feel about it?

– Pikes