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Curious case of Domino’s Pizza CRM

Posted on: January 21, 2009

I must admit this is a rant. I must tell this story, however, about my experience with Domino’s Mumbai centres. This is what I wrote to on the Domino’s’ “talk to us” web tab.

I tried to order a pizza from “A” centre to be delivered to my place which is near Apna Bazaar in Andheri(W). First of all the centre respondent, after taking down the entire order, told us that they could not deliver because we ordered for four pan pizzas citing that its not a bulk order.

If that’s company policy – it is okay but whose responsibility is to indicate the same on the website?
We then tried four different centres to get our pizzas delivered. Finally we found the Jogeshwari centre who could DELIVER our pizzas.

My logic tells me Lokhandwala centre would be closer to our place. Anyways that could be the problem of your software. But isn’t indicating “that we don’t deliver until you order zillions of pizza making it a bulk order” Domino’s’ responsiblity.

WHY CAN’T THE CENTRE RESPONDENT HAVE THE COURTESY TO OFFER US HELP AND REDIRECT US TO THE RIGHT CENTRE? Where is your CRM in practice? If this is what it delivers – then it is of no practical use as far as I see. Revamp it. The point is basic courtesy is prevalent in normal life but curiously not in business. Are we customers from MARS?

PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THE RECEIPT OF THIS CONCERN ON MY E-MAIL ADDRESS. Otherwise I would think that this feedback is just another web – form. AWAITING ANY RESPONSE.

As you can see I am miffed but two learnings from this episode.

  1. Domino’s has a location segmentation that thinks Jogeshwari is closer to Apna Bazaar in Andheri(W) than their Lokhandwala centre.
  2. Forget CRM, I think the phone respondent could be taught to at least handle customers as humans. We are lost looking for a number from where we can order our pizzas.
  3. Why can’t Domino’s change their website so that the consumer can point out the nearest location on a map (that derives out of their location segmentation software, if any) and spews out a number that will get his order.
  4. If you are setting up centres that deliver only bulk orders, then isn’t it the priority to first apprise the customer of the same.
  5. Best CRM still is extending basic courtesy from day to day life to business as well.

End of rant and Amen!!


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4 Responses to "Curious case of Domino’s Pizza CRM"

That is why Joey’s Pizza rocks!
And no maps needed… call 26304808,26304809 🙂

More seriously, Joey’s has awesome CRM. Once you give them your name, number and address, it stays in their database.
The next time you call, the caller ID does its work, they greet you with your name and you just need to say what you want. They also remember your special requests (call before leaving etc.)

Damn cool for a 2-outlet pizza place, eh?

@Mihir – Absolutely and you know what today the versova’s store mgr calls me up and says that please transfer this complaint to some other store centre because its affecting their performance review.
But between Joey’s and Domino’s I am sure whose quality is better – Domino’s.

The Curios Case of Benjamin Button is suppose to be good 🙂

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