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I love collecting creative ads. I found this post which has collection of 39 creative ads.

For my post, I have picked couple of them which I liked: – Stuck in the wrong job

Heineken Beer

And while I am on a collection spree, I would share another great link – collection of Indian TV Ads:

One final link to share in this post. 15 most artistically awesome TV ads:



Not necessarily in any order.

Cricket. Cinema. Politics.

Marketers are you using these channels effectively?


Twitter is a great place to listen to what customers are saying about you and your service, online and real time. Go here and type in the company you want to listen to. After seeing this tweet (the micromessage in Twitter world) I decided to do the search myself and see what’s the world (India) saying about Tata Indicom. Here is what I found out –

“Finally got cell no of tata indicom service head. 3 days. said i was cancelling. now he says someone will visit by 1 tom. shameless really”

Day 3 of broadband outage from Tata Indicom. working on a dialup is just so frustrating”

Broadband finally up…had to escalate issue to Tata Indicom Nodal Officer…but good follow through after escalation.”

“Tata Indicom large file downloads being interrupted. No ack or resp to my mail after 48 hrs. Cannot even transfer my backup files anymore.”

Good experience with Tata Indicom Internet for past 2 years..unfortunately, it is getting bad..internet down for 72 hrs and no followup -:(“

We will be initiating consumer [….] against a TATA Indicom Tele services in Pune,one staff is acting as govt office, red tape..”

This are in addition to some kind words here and there. I follow the economist Atanu Dey on his blog. He also seems to have the unkind words as reflected above. Here is a sample from his blog

Not only do you get put on hold, but while on hold they have the most astonishingly irritating music that they play at an ear-shattering volume, and interrupt it every few seconds to announce, “Tata Indicom, the best way to connect to the Internet”, “We know your time is valuable and appreciate the time you have taken to call us”, “Please continue to hold as our customer service executives will be with you shortly” ….

At midnight, Tata Indicom terminated my internet connection. I had renewed my subscription three days ago and yet the connection was terminated at midnight. I spent the last half hour on the phone arguing with their customer service people. The facts are clear and agreed to by Tata Indicom. They did receive payment for the renewal of the service three days ago. Yet they terminated my connection.

We all learn that customer service is paramount and “graahak devta hota hai”. However here is a collection of some 10 – 15 voices from the web that are complaining about the service from a service provider and something clearly emerges that in the past week the service has been particularly problematic.

But playing the skeptic, here are the questions that I am left without any answers –

  1. Is this problem strong enough to warrant a Tata Indicom presence on a social media platform (similar to the likes of @comcastcares on twitter)?
  2. Are these numbers large enough to accept that there is a problem in Tata Indicom’s service?
  3. Is it relevant and necessary, in India, to have a social media strategy in place YET?
  4. Has the web matured in India that companies have to sit up and take notice?

However Tata Indicom being an internet connection provider, doesn’t it make sense for them to monitor the web for such “experiences”. Had they done it this and this would not have happened. That’s three clients (including me). The bad news is that bad word spreads and the good news is that the good word also spread.

“ouch.nd here i was planning on a tata indicom conn.dang” – One potential client lost

they just suck big time. looking for an option. need 2 MBPS unlimited bandwidth at least. currently paying Rs.4000/pm. Suggestions?” – One existing client lost

Customer equity for taking, anyone, Tata Indicom are you listening?