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Ramblings on Digital Branding

Posted on: November 22, 2008

The key to success for any brand in the digital environment is to adhere to the four factors responsible for the success of the digital-bred brands:

  1. A brand must represent and demonstrate comprehensiveness in whatever market it’s in.
  2. It has to make some aspect of life easier or more convenient for consumers.
  3. The brand experience has to be fun, engaging, and worth sharing.
  4. And, in an age when all is visible, earning the trust of consumers is of the essence.

BTW do remember: Bringing your brand online isn’t just about building websites!



1 Response to "Ramblings on Digital Branding"

Concise. Do read – – Branding is in the hearts of the consumer and companies can only influence it to a certain extent. It takes a village to build a brand.

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  • sarahkornfeld: This is a great list! Another to consider is video. There's a video app on Facebook called Vpype (built for Facebook) that is a live, interactive a
  • 210 Backlinks: Great thanks!
  • Jas: Nice blog, found by sheer serendipity. What a pity! :P Are you open for more contributors?
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