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Posted on: October 31, 2008

I still don’t know how monetizable “Twitter” is but it is sure a great way to connect to the customers.

Want proof, I got three of’em.

Proof 1 – From a guy whom I follow in Twitter

Proof 2 – This happened to me. The $840 Million online shoe retailer, Zappos, had a promotional website¬† which had spelling mistakes which I pointed out here and tweeted about. So what happens is –

They start following me on Twitter.


How Zappos tracks Twitter

How Zappos tracks Twitter



the website is rectified.

Proof 3 – This also happened to me. I am a frequent user of URL shortening service called cligs. I reported about its downtime on twitter and “baah” they send me back an update. That’s really cool.

EndGame – Proof 1 was from a real tech geek blogger who IS NOT in the long tail. All other proofs are from a web user who IS in the long tail, as normal as it can get. If companies like these are tracking what people like me are saying then I say “more power” to them.

For MBAs (hopefully, soon, unless the powers-be decide to flunk me) like me this is a personal lesson in customer experience management.



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  • sarahkornfeld: This is a great list! Another to consider is video. There's a video app on Facebook called Vpype (built for Facebook) that is a live, interactive a
  • 210 Backlinks: Great thanks!
  • Jas: Nice blog, found by sheer serendipity. What a pity! :P Are you open for more contributors?
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