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OOH: Hajmola branded dhabas

Posted on: October 25, 2008

Using dhabas (roadside restaurants) as an advertising medium is nothing new for Indian brands. Companies such as PepsiCo or Coca-Cola have used them to increase brand visibility by installing branded umbrellas and other props. Dhabas have even been favourite spots for spreading social awareness, such as campaigns on HIV/AIDS.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Dabur, which is redesigning 150 dhabas on routes originating from Delhi, using Hajmola banners, umbrellas, tables, chairs and wall paintings. The customers are being served free Hajmola sachets along with their meals. However, for Dabur Hajmola, this is not just another exercise to gain visibility.

Hajmola is being re-positioned these days. Its being moved from JLT (Just Like That) category to Post-meal consumption category which is right now crowded with unhygienic and unbranded saufs/mishris. While this activity takes care of the unorganized sector, Dabur had recently tied up with Nirula’s (Delhi’s favourite pizza corner) and did free sampling.

Next on the cards is something I have been working on – introduce Hajmola as a post meal option in 5 star hotels. Wait and Watch! 😉



2 Responses to "OOH: Hajmola branded dhabas"

How about repositioning Dabur to focus on easily digestive Indian food and pills n powder to ease digest also. Bring a range of chooran and chutneys for this. Hajmola may be one of them. Do not bring different flavors of Hajmola (like Aam, Imli and what not) instead bring different kinds of digestive and an easy way of differentiating it. Link it with Dadi ma ke nuskhe! There is a wide range of options available like mulaithi, ajwain, lavan bhaskar chooran etc.

Well Dabur is thinking slightly differently. They are coming with hajmola category extensions. Some of the extensions considered are – digestive chat masala, pickle, masala papad etc.

So it makes sense right – they can use the positioning of hajmola (digestive) and extend it to these categories. Could be a success. You never know.

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