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Aap pe to kisi panwaari ne ehsaan nahi kiya?

Posted on: October 21, 2008

Chlormint Ad

By Mccann Erickson

Inspired by Egghead’s post on the 5th P of Marketing.

The Chlormint ad cracks me up. Besides being funny, the ad tells a true story. When you go to a panwaari you dont necessarily ask for a particular mint. You are fine with any mint that he gives you – and this ad takes this point into account and educates the consumers that why do you do that. Why dont you ask for a “particular” mint? You must ask for a mint that you like. The ad has a very strong concept and is brilliantly executed. Good job 🙂

Main ab apni pasand ki mint mangoga – mere par kisi panwaari ne ehsaan nahi kiya!



3 Responses to "Aap pe to kisi panwaari ne ehsaan nahi kiya?"

Nice one but I think it take a little longer to establish its argument 🙂 and there is too much information overload for a lay man
Nice ad anyways

So next time I go aftersmoke – I should ask for this, somehow despite being funny … does not make sense … I am not particular to any mint … it just has to be minty … AFAIK…

Just to add to your thoughts.. the ad comes as an aftermath of a channel decision by a competitor to give more profits to the paanwala than shared by any other mint brand. So the ad aims to change the attitude of consumers to having a brand loyalty even in mints. so that way its a nice ad! it works!

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