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++4P who

Posted on: October 6, 2008

Okay that’s a typical-techie title to this post. But I could not resist this.

Instructions to decode the title –

  1. ++ indicates incrementing by one
  2. 4P means a collection of 4 Ps
  3. Any increment operation would mean adding one more P.

Ask yourself these questions –

  1. What are the four Ps of marketing?
  2. Who would be the 5th P? (and that’s what the title means)

Assuming even if you know the answer to question 1, question 2 has a different answer according to afaqs.

Find out about him here. To quote about him (from the article) –

The biggest advantage they offer to any marketing-led company is their spread across the country. <It> has been a national addiction for long and <they> can be found in pucca as well as ramshackle structures in every nook and cranny of the country.

Industry estimates suggest there are 14 million currently in business. Little surprise then, ITC leveraged its network of <them> to good effect when it diversified into candies and snack food.

Text inside <> is mine, replacing the original text to create suspense 🙂


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5 Responses to "++4P who"

5P ~ Panwallah
What would happen to them given the nationwide ban on cigarette smoking?

BTW pretty nice article:
“Ignore the panwala at your own peril”. Marketers should work on panwallah paradigm. I agree!

The definition is incomplete.

++4P also says that the expression is evaluated after the increment (to differentiate it with 4p++)

@Quark – I expected someone like you to say that. But that’s right paanwaala is the ++4P, since companies are using them already and then evaluating their impact (so to speak)

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