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The space between us

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Heard of Interstitials? No not the space between atoms in a crystal sturcture. We are talking new age marketing … well advertising space at least.

An Interstitial is any space which can be filled with a billboard, a poster heck even a lcd screen to promote your product or brand. It is the space in the elevators of skyscrapers, the walls of a pan beedi wala, the cubicles in a public toilet and any such randomly fantastic locations you can think of.

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4 Responses to "The space between us"

Just a word on links – You can you use the insert link feature while typing the post instead of posting the entire long URL (and name it quite relevantly) or seriously consider using
An example of interstitials – Those being implemented in the rest rooms at the cineplexes (Fame Adlabs for example)…
The article is quite old by the way … read it long time back (pat on my back – naah)

also the article was for lesser reads unlike you 🙂

[…] Nik had posted here earlier about the idea of interstitials here, here is something interesting on the same […]

[…] Ads inside toilets – immediately a voice shouts “interstitials”. […]

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