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Print Media Part 1

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Print media has it tough. Once the brand is created it is difficult to re launch.

Case in point: Indian Express. The main paper as well as its business sister, Financial Express have consistently over the last decade made space in the rankings table by moving down a slot everytime a new competitor enters. Now IE is posed with the options of either relaunching both (or one) of these dailies or launch a new product completely. The question is can relaunching help convince people of the ‘new and improved’ IE or FE? Very tough ask it will be. After all it is newspapers we are talking about. The 200 million people in India who subscribe to newspapers are cannot be  easily persuaded to change from their current daily to something else especially if they are satisfied with their current dailies and worse still if they were once (but not anymore) readers of IE.

The second option albeit more tedious and expensive will lead to a higher possibility of success assuming the basics like product, target market etc are done right.

People in media might claim that price is not a parameter for competition in the print industry.               

Case in point: HT vs TOI fighting for market share in the Delhi market. TOI came in wanting a piece of HT’s pie in the north. It dropped its price to Rs.1.50 but the mighty HT took no notice. Bang one day they wake up and see a big bite in their big pie. So they go ahead and drop prices to Re.1!         

Final Outcome: HT remained the leader by a slim lead over TOI.                                                                   

My point: Price wars do happen in this indutry even though 85% of the cost is covered by advertising.
Well media is a tough nut to crack. Its readers can be fiercely loyal or fiercely dis, brand awareness is high but intention to buy is low and money spent on ATL+BTL is very hard to track.
On this note I end this media note. Hopefully more to come as days move on or the 2 months at least 🙂
Comments are welcome!


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