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Private cars = Billboards?

Posted on: September 6, 2008

Well its true. After the Rajdhani Express trains, it is the turn of private cars to become moving billboards. Private vehicle owners can now get their cars registered on a site,, get an ad on their vehicles and get a petrol redemption coupon.

Well its a pretty neat idea. Advertising will be done through vinyl-wrapping, covering the four doors and leaving out the boot, bonnet and fenders. Also the vehicles will be fitted with a vehicle tracking system (VTS) through which clients can locate their advertisements and chalk out marketing strategies.

I am pretty excited about this and having thoughts about being part of this innovative OOH campaign!



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  • sarahkornfeld: This is a great list! Another to consider is video. There's a video app on Facebook called Vpype (built for Facebook) that is a live, interactive a
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