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Mojaved in the Adworld

Posted on: August 18, 2008

Though the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about the most intense battle in the technology space is Microsoft Vs Google, a far more intense war is brewing on the advertising front between Microsoft and Apple. Of course this battle is not something new, it has its roots ever since apple launched its Switch campaign. And these companies have since drifted away and not been the rivals they once were. But the personality of the people who lead these behemoths ensures that this rivalry keeps showing its ugly head.

Apple in recent times has been able to pick up extra market share, but what is more worrying from Microsoft’s point of view is how it has been able to pick up tremendous mind share. Under the drive of Steve jobs apple, in recent years, has launched many successful campaigns and the latest one was the get a Mac campaign.

pc vs mac

pc vs mac

“In 2006, Apple released a controversial Straw man series of twenty-four “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertisements as part of their Get a Mac campaign.

The ads, which are directed by Phil Morrison, star actor Justin Long (Accepted) and author and humorist John Hodgman (The Daily Show) as a Macintosh (Mac) and a PC, respectively. The format for each commercial is similar: Long introduces himself as a Mac and Hodgman introduces himself as a PC (assumed to be running the Microsoft Windows operating system), then the particular facet of computing is stated, after which the Mac is depicted as being able to do whatever the PC is able to do, but does it quicker, more safely, more creatively, or with more versatility.”

Considering the beaten down image that Microsoft had amongst consumers, it was high time they reacted. And the plan is to do it at a massive scale, with a launch of a $300 million campaign. How exactly this campaign will work out is debatable. But is Microsoft even warranted in launching such a reactive campaign? Wouldn’t these millions of dollars spent just go into reinforcing apple’s brand, which is exactly what Apple wants? The best way for Microsoft is to ignore the pokes from Apple and concentrate instead on changing its identity amongst consumers and not try to counter Apple’s advertisements.

And meanwhile Microsoft has launched what they call a “Mojave Experiment”, which shows changing opinions of people about vista. You can check them out at But I really doubt the usefulness of this campaign, unless they actually realize it on a television platform. Any which ways, the challenge to revamp Microsoft’s image will be the biggest that the agency has faced till date.



4 Responses to "Mojaved in the Adworld"

Oh. I have really loved those Mac vs PC ads.
BTW I am a Apple loyalist. So I love the ads even more! 🙂

Hmm. The concept of Mojave has a really disturbing history. Its whats popularly called the Milgram’s experiment, where people are encouraged to do things without them knowing the consequences. read about it!!

But why disturbing Ritesh?
I think its a pretty cool idea. People (read: Apple) have portrayed Vista in very bad light. Well Microsoft have not used any counter-advertising so far and with this experiment they are leaving it to people to decide whether the product is good or not.

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