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Co-creation: new marketing mantra?

Posted on: August 15, 2008

Co-creation is a new and innovative marketing mantra intended to keep consumers brand loyal. The engagement modes vary from penning the brand’s advertising (Kingfisher-Ad Director) to selecting which flavour stays in the market (Lay’s Fight for your Flavor) to putting consumers’ mug on the pack (Kurkure Chai Time Achievers).

Innovative ideas of nurturing creativity are on the rise with the consumer goods companies in India. ‘Make your own ads’ being one of the fads. Says JWT India chief creative officer Agnello Dias: “Co-creation is one of the new marketing mantras.”

Rapid growth of new marketer-customer interfaces like internet, interactive TV and live activation has strengthened this in recent times. “It gives brands and clients a chance to interact directly with their customers and makes them partners in creating a brand that they would like to bond with,” adds Mr Dias.

Ogilvy & Mather India country head (planning) Madhukar Sabnavis says: “The purpose behind these creative opportunities is to make the brand dearer to consumers. It engages the more creative minded consumers and creates excitement.”

FritoLay India had recently launched ‘Fight for your Flavor’, a campaign where the flavour with maximum votes continues in the market. Kurkure’s ‘Chai Time Achievers’ encouraged consumers to display their talents by creating various recipes with Kurkure. The winners were given the opportunity to feature on over a million Kurkure packs.

Sunsilk’s ‘Gang of Girls’ gave young girls a chance to direct, shoot and upload their own commercials on the site. also started a global movement of people creating videos of them tearing yellow pages, and used the content thus generated as mainstream television ad.

More and more FMCG companies should look at utilizing this new innovative means of creating strong brands.



1 Response to "Co-creation: new marketing mantra?"

UGC for in a non web 2.0 manner eh !! But my question is what kind of involvement can be generated for categories like food or Kurkure which is traditionally a LOW INVOLVEMENT purchase?
Any thoughts?

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