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Kya aapko K.I.L.B hai?

Posted on: August 13, 2008

A company recently launched a campaign, asking users ‘Kya aapko K.I.L.B hai? The first thing that came to mind seeing the ads was the “Digen Verma “ campaign. The question stands whether this new campaign would ceate any ripples and would it last long enough and have an impact.

The KILB campaign had Irrfan Khan asking ‘Kya aapko K.I.L.B hai? generally dressed as a doctor. The campaign was done using TVCs, printmedia, OOH(Billboards,Buses etc.)

The ads generated a lot of interest and curiosity amongst the Indian consumers who went about searching the answer o Googe(where else) or end up discussing trying to figure OUT what K.I.L.B means.

The presence of Irrfan Khan led many to think it was a new initiative by Vodafone promoting some new low scheme plan. Leave apart the intelligent guesses,the mystery was revealed a couple of days back.

It’s form Aegon Religare Life Insurance

K.I.L.B Stands for ‘Kam Insurance Lene Ki Bimari’

To kya aapko K.I.L.B Hai?


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