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Brands with a Cause

Posted on: July 30, 2008

With the rapid proliferation of brands in every product category, brands are becoming a commodity. The scope for differentiation has vastly diminished. Marketers are hard-pressed to raise their brands above the clutter. One such tool, which helps in creating a distinct position for a brand in the minds of consumers, is “cause-related branding”.

No doubt all brands have to work for a cause, in the sense that they should provide a discernible solution to consumers, in order to find market acceptance. As an add on, brands can associate themselves with a social cause that is in harmony with the core objectives and image of the brand so as to provide additional synergy to the marketing efforts. This will go a long way in meeting social obligations and commitments towards the society and at the same time building the brand’s image.

Teach India

I believe TOI ventures a lot into cause-related branding. They started with Lead India campaign and now the Teach India campaign. They are able to create a strong brand satisfying the societal needs as well.

Read more on Teach India campaign:



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